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The 2009 F2000 Championship Series season is set to kick off on the second weekend of April and the series is pleased to present the 2009 pre-pay and save 10% program.
The full season includes five race weekend entry fees at $895 and one race weekend entry fee at $995 (Watkins Glen with IRL).
Additionally F2000 is hosting pre-event tests at VIR (morning session on Thursday April 9th), Watkins Glen (morning sessions Thursday July 2nd), Summit Point (twilight session on July 16th) and Mid-Ohio (twilight session on August 13th).
Entree fees add up to $5,470, plus an additional $1,300 for series-sanctioned test days. This brings the grand total to $6,770. Under the pre-pay and save 10% program, that number becomes a single pre-paid onetime fee of $6,000. This includes all entry and testing fees and can be done in one easy transaction. This amount must be paid in full by April 1st.