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Dixon Race 2 Brandon Dixon had a smooth race two here at NJMP, he was never challenged, and as a result he was able to achieve victory in a confident manner.

The final race of the year will run under blue skies and in sunny conditions. Track conditions are optimal though ambient temperatures are rising. The green flag waves, Dixon goes cleanly into the lead. Brenden Puderbach gets the slip on Gonzalez and moves up into the second spot. Gonzalez slots in behind while John Dole fills the fourth spot. As they complete the first lap, Gonzalez hounds Puderbach. Into turn one, Gonzalez out brakes Puderbach, the second place spot is now filled by Gonzalez. Meanwhile John Dole had some issue, he now runs fifth, Mike Pepitone is in the fourth spot in his Pinto powered machine.

Out front, Dixon now has a sizeable lead. By the time Gonzalez got by Puderbach, the lead was several seconds. Gonzalez quickly gapped Puderbach, but the front wing is looking rather shaky on Gonzalez’s Radon. Only time will tell if it will last. Meanwhile, Dole managed to get back on the horse, he caught Pepitone and retook the fourth spot. He’ll need to overcome a near five second gap if he’s going to catch Puderbach in third. With some sixteen laps left to drive, that feat is not out of the question.

The lap counters says there’s fourteen lap to go. Dole turns up the wick, he catches Puderbach by over a second on that lap alone. It’s not to be though, Dole has a mechanical issue and he’s forced to return to the pits.

As the laps tick away, Dixon leads without challenge from second place Peter Gonzalez. The biggest threat to Gonzalez at this juncture is his rather dynamic front wing assembly, it will need to hold on for a while longer. Puderbach is circulating in third, he’s running his best lap times of the weekend, but with a twenty second gap to Gonzalez, he’ll have to find quite a bit more to challenge for that spot. Mike Pepitone continues to run in fourth, he too is safe in his position.

As the laps expire, Brandon Dixon, the 2019 F2000 Championship Series Champion, wins race two and sweeps the NJMP weekend! Peter Gonzalez brings his Radon entry home second. Brenden Puderbach is third, while Mike Pepitone is fourth.

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