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This weekend at Lime Rock there were 3 engine failures. After careful diagnosis of data from the 3 above mentioned cars we have determined that all of these engines had been oil starved lap after lap in the uphill ( jump portion ) of the track.
After looking at several other cars oil pressure data and inspecting the oil tanks we have come to the following conclusion.
The oil pickup is on the right side of the tank and some cars have an open ended pickup tube some have a pickup tube that is scalloped on the bottom and capped on the end. We believe scalloped and capped is best.
There are no internal baffles in any of the oil tanks that I saw at the track and this coupled with a multitude of high speed high G right hand turns one with extreme elevation change ( jump portion ) is what is causing the oil to move away from the pickup tube causing starvation.  
To prevent this we are working on a drop in baffle kit here at QS and hope to have it ready in about 3 weeks. In the mean time we recommend all teams make sure they are running a pickup tube with the end capped and the bottom scalloped out. Along with running the oil level 2 inches over the input shaft tube with the engine warm.
In our opinion this problem has come about due to the lap time from 2007 to 2009 falling an average of 1.5 seconds.
Erik Oseth
Quicksilver RacEngines
Ph. 301-698-9009